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Most Businesses Under-Utilize the Vast Knowledge, Resources, Damage Control, & Problem-Solving Capabilities of Trainers.


Use A "Secret" Asset:

The BEP Tech Approach

What We Do
SaTechRo is a business education & performance improvement company providing business and human performance improvement solutions to government, commercial, and academic organizations.  We also serve entrepreneurs and individual employees.
Our specialty is serving organizations that mainly experience organizational restructures, leadership changes, business process changes, and  technology changes. 
We offer an extraordinary portfolio including --but not limited to-- problem-solving interpersonal tensions, business performance challenges, concerns regarding marketplace competition, change management, and IT knowledge transfer.
Our Considerations
We consider your current & future impact within global and local (glocal) communities to help you complete enterprise technology implementations or organizational restructures.
We care about your ability to remain competitive in the marketplace, your reputation in the media and your community, and your ability to remain economically viable.
Businesses are using "Training Departments" the wrong way. 
"Trainers" have more skills and problem-solving capabilities than most customers realize.
Our specialty is finding weaknesses in business processes, communication, team member interactions, employee performance, and decision processes that would eventually affect the business entity's marketplace competitiveness.
Then, we help you solve them.
As BEP Techs, we address concerns that plague decision makers, leaders, and managers.  We further contribute by serving as liaisons between upper management and operational teams. 
There is more miscommunication that exists between ranks than many people realize.
We help your teams undergo operational hands-on changes AND interpersonally deal with leadership, business process,
and technology changes.
If operational teams are  negatively affected, you can guarantee that your business performance will be affected too.
Our Considerations

Read about our ability to do more than just train.

Our Recent News
SaTechRo Conducts Market Research
In 2014, we read an article in an employee  performance and development magazine that stated  that if given a choice to  advance at their organization or acquire new skills, 62% said they would choose new skills.  (Castellano, S., 2014 December, Talent Development Magazine.)
In May 2017, SaTechRo put our own poll on social media and asked the same question.  Fifty percent chose new skills over advancement, and 50%  chose advancement over skills.
This type of information is important when strategizing how to engage operational stakeholders during organizational changes.
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