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Our Approach

During enterprise technology implementations, our approach as technology training leaders is designed to bridge the gaps of conflict between leadership, their operational employees, current customers, and the public (including potential customers, sponsors, advertisers, etc.).  


We are known for giving our customers raw feedback that benefits their growth.  We do not believe in hiding the truth or avoiding direct communication when we foresee a customer's challenge. We do not believe in presenting our customers with a false reality or false sense of security. Our job is to help your organization succeed.

Our approach is designed to help leaders and managers mitigate brewing or current crises in the business language and results that they understand. 

Remember, just because leaders and managers of organizations use the same terminology as operational teams, customers, and the public does not mean that those same words are translated and interpreted the same on each business level. 

Initially, our experience began as technology trainers.  Then, we added a focus on technology training leadership.  Next, because of our cross-functional skillset, we also began to advise non-training leaders and managers on high-level tactical and strategic crises that we observed.  

Lastly, because of our background in media, television, branding, public perception, our ability to see multiple perspectives, and our work in high-profile and high-risk programs; we finally integrated the world of crisis detection, crisis management, and assisting customers with maneuvering games of business politics with integrity.

Games of business politics can be very challenging to maneuver in high-risk programs, especially when the politics are "hidden" and occurring in a large organization. In our whitepaper, we mentioned that business politics contain specific elements:

(a)    influential documented and undocumented business policies

(b)    cultural conduct

(c)    formal and informal governing authorities

(d)    open and hidden rules and regulations to address problems and implement solutions

(e)    methods of control

(f)    intentional or unintentional competing interests

(g)    maintaining or establishing power and relationships

(h)    instituting codes of order.

In large, high-risk technology implementations our work in technology training and our background in human development help you to maneuver business politics with integrity. Again, our goal is to help you detect and prevent crises before they erupt.

Our approach to assisting organizations experiencing

organizational restructures, leadership changes, business process changes, and  technology changes can involve:

  • Participation in your current change advisory team

  • The development of a relevant change management plan

  • Day-to-day direct participation in your operations until your goal is met

  • Short-term boot camp workshops focused on helping you achieve a longer-term goal

  • "Refresher" training

  • Other continual improvement assistance

  • Research, reports, and analyses that contribute to maintaining the economic viability of the business as a whole

  • Raw, honest, and informed feedback that supports the success of our customers

    We cater to customer needs BEFORE we cater to customer wants.

  • Strategic and tactical meetings with leadership and upper management to prevent or react to miscommunication between them and operational teams (including unaware miscommunication)

  • Crisis detection, prevention, and management

  • Bridging gaps between what internal teams at any business level believe is happening versus what is really happening during games of politics

  • Some employees do not feel safe with their employer's human resources processes.

    Therefore, we assist with decreasing the amount of human resource case filings needed by serving as a neutral, third party where employees feel safe to reveal issues on the job, receive mentorship advice, and receive appropriate mediation when requested.

    Please note that we believe in authentic neutrality.  We do not disguise favor for one party over another as "neutral."

We are more than trainers.  We are BEP Techs.  We help organizations and individuals better adjust to changes.  We care about the performance, health, wellness, integrity, morality, reputation, and economic viability of organizations, leaders, managers, operations, services, and products.




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