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Sazara R. Johnson's Artifacts


Tasking, Operations, & Management Information (Law Enforcement) System

    - U.S. President's "Executive Orders"
    - Congress
    - Office of Drug Control Policy
    - Office of Management & Budget
    - DHS
    - CBP
    - OAM
    - ICE

  • Eventual replacement for TECS

  • Supports:
    - Case Management
    - Operational Reports
    - Asset Seizures
    - Dashboards
    - Fuel Budgets
    - Training, Safety, Standards Reporting
    - Electronic Tracking Devices
    - COSS

  • Numbers= ~1600 Federal OAM agents & mission support

  • Finally reqs deemed COMPLEX by executives.
    Even up to 2018, agreed to develop in phases & multiple releases until it completely replaces TECS and interfaces with other shared systems.

  • Initial field tested release (?) = October 2012

  • Final Go-Live = 2015 (Schedule increase = 4 years)
    Go-Live not = Full components (+2 years later- 2017 goal)




NYC  911

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  • SmartDraw

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • MS Visio (familiarity)


Interface Control Documents (ICDs): Workflow Process or Workflow Descriptions. Flow Control.

  • Don't use lots of same stock generic descriptions and data for different workflow documents.  Should be unique.   Tailor the information to say this specific interface will be discussing this. Doesn't have to be fancy just (ex.: X subsystem will interface with this other subsystem.)

    Found too many generic descriptions & data in location detection subsystems (AVL). 

  • Ensure workflow clearly denotes which subsystem it refers to at specific times. 

    (ex. If subsystems include small battery operated iTrackers, vehicle locators, and gps.  Must clearly differentiate which are used in what part of the new subsystems so no assumptions made. )

  • Challenge: Dual Boots

    Must have clear SOP created and communication plan for teaching and implementing dual boots prior to and during go-live.

  •  Make sure you are getting data from the proper source when changing from legacy systems. (Chart it = double checking)

  • Other: labeling, doc number, better revision history (more detailed), acronyms (anytime you use acronyms spell it out first), everyone keeping standard acryonym table, use proper naming conventions for the departments, always using name of final shared system (FDCAD) and put the subsystems under there. / know when a workflow should be broken into 2 separate ( for mps to gps make a separate ICD (Nathan says we have two separate interfaces going on mps to gps  and imdt to m.s. he sees that as two separate icd’s.  imtiaz says he doesn’t agree. He see it as 2 sections in one icd. Nathan says if you want to ptu them together in a single document than it will be challenging b/c can’t delineate which ones you are talking about.) Sar demonstrates how he’d do it in section 1.2 subsystem identification. So it will change to be FDCAD in one section and AVL in another section b/c right now they were both in one section.   Final agreement: keep in same document but 2 sections. Nathan said just be careful b/c some of these people reading document won’t be programmers, so you’ll have to be crystal clear in ENTIRE DOCUMENT what you’re referencing.  Final decision is one document. Nathan said you will have my I told you so later.)

  • Clarify who's responsible for approving workflow / approvals.

    Clarify that some signatures needed on workflow docs don't equate to contractual documentation.  Rethink non-contractual processes asking for signatures.

FDAC IMS 4 CAD2CAD Integration Planning-
IMS Schedules


  • Dashboard used for ChildStat

  • ChildStat based upon NYPD CrimeStat

  • Training and Deployment started in 2018

  • As of 2020 IN OPERATION.  Build still occurring in releases.  Users' feedback incorporated.


  • NY State OCFS (Office of Children & Family Services) | NY City ACS | Civilian Providers (Catholic Charities | ABC | Sauti Yetu | Southern Queens Park Association)


  • Investigation Stages

  • Searches

  • Case Management

  • Prior Case History

  • High Priority Investigations (including Media Cases)

  • Missing Children

  • Child Fatalities

Safemeasures investigations child stat.p


FDNY Training Requirements.png
Training Reqs & Plan

Data Requests

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fdny data request.png
Data Requests


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change request form.png
Change Request form


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for week ending 5/8/201_

Major Team Accomplishments:

Preparations for Upcoming Deployments   

  •  AD Enterprise Admin for National Networks group

    • Held initial teleconference with AD EA team

    • Action items identified and distributed

    • Go live date determined as 07/15

    • Completed all configuration work for new AD Enterprise Admin group in PROD, Queue setup, queue members, queue monitors, service level targets and auto-assignment rule


  • CSMC

    • Contacted Matt Jones from CSMC for current process flow document

    • Creating flow for CSMC-DMZ processes


  • Other

    • Continued updating June's class info (and other historical attendance data) into Remedy via each person's people record  (Work Info entries)   

    • Continued updating monthly attendance report (running parallel)   

    • Continued to keep Consolidated Training Attendees workbook up to date      

    • Worked tasks in Remedy    

    • PIMS is current - including new Change Mgmt uploads  

    • Deployment schedule - up to date    

    • Calendar invites sent to team members for new upcoming classes


 Change Management Deployment

  • Worked with Data Services on their integration strategy to mirror the SAC (Service Areas and Centers) process that is currently being deployed. They have been advised to formerly request their inclusion in the SAC process when we deploy to the Tech Center at the end of July. Variances between their current process and SAC Change is minor and alignment is expected to be simple. Determination around the exact approach for the amalgamation of duties between the MMAC CCB (and future WJHTC CCB) is to be agreed

  • Performed configuration and validation tasks within the Remedy TEST and TRAINING environments to support the -WJHTC CCB planned for mid to end July. We formerly released the TRAINING environment configuration to the trainers so that validation can commence. Final data gathering and identification of group membership (required for the production environment) is planned for the week of July 19th

  • Experienced several busy days in the ad-hoc support to the already established (ESA, WSA, MMAC and DSG) Change boards. Mid week several reporting issues were identified the root cause of which is yet to be determined, though latency with Dataguard is a likelihood


Release Management Deployment


  • n/a


Asset Management Deployment


  • Creating draft CRQ for PCPS requirements document for purchasing

  • Creating draft CRQ for ATO IT Asset Form requirements document

  • Building 7.6 environment locally to review ATO-IT form workflow

  • Started Security Awareness training

  • Data for Configurations and Purchase Requisitions is to be migrated to 7.6


  • Completed documentation updates as follows: 

    • Change Management – Approvers slide presentation

    • Change Management – Assignees slide presentation

    • Asset Management for Asset Managers Training Guide

  • Drafted updates to Incident Management Quick Reference Guide for 7.6 Classic view.  This draft cannot be progressed for first review until FAA data and customizations are available on a 7.6 server.

  • Talked with Lou Dell regarding the Watch List feature in 7.6.  Documented use of this feature in the first draft of Incident Management Training Guide for 7.6 Classic view.  This draft cannot be progressed for first review until FAA data and customizations are available on a 7.6 server.

  • Consolidated all feedback forms received from classes I taught in June; sent to Val and Terence.

  • Taught the following distance learning classes:

    • Tasks & Overview Console:  8 students

  • Provided Change Management training for Assignees on Wednesday, 7/07 for 8 trainees.

  • Provided Change Management training for Approvers/Assignees on Thursday, 7/08 for 7 trainees.

  • Sent training details to the registered trainees for IR & IM class.

  • Reviewed Change Management training presentations revised by Dottie.

  • Worked on reformatting training guides in preparation for updates needed for 7.6 upgrade.


  • Updated and submitted newest version of Password Reset Project Timeline.

  • Worked with Danny Wolfgang's Group to fix HCL Notes 8.0 on my computer.

  • Updated "Verifying Security Questions Using the NexGen Toolbox storyboard.


NSC Tools (Marimba, P-Sync, Dameware)

  • P-Synch

    • Tested the fix for duplicate message issue


  • Marimba/Release Mgmt:

    • Provided 8.1.01 feature review/upgrade notes to RMTeam (Mostly MESH/p2p feature)

    • Worked on new custom inventory method (script scanner FSRK tool and Winbatch combination)

    • Worked on Marimba upgrade plans and docs

    • Switched Marimba from one DC to another due to DC issues at AMC.

    • Worked on the Marimba 8.1.01 upgrade & new features (testing and validating in lab)

    • Working on submission of P-Synch/Dameware CR's for upgrades via Marimba

    • Sent Bind/SSL info to Ravi for DSG scheduling information.

  • Asset

    • Site to CI Relationships to identifying Configurations Items Locations.  (Both Development & Test Environments)

    •  Continued reconciliation discovery/configuration management data with the Golden dataset (

    •  Continued cleaning-up site location for IP Collectivity Subnets spreadsheet.

    •  Assisted Rick and Mark on Configuration issues on test environment ( 

    •  Assisted Rick and Mark on AIE (Atrium Integration Engine) on test environment (



    • National Networks waiting on message from Vic

  • DameWare



Remedy 7.6 Upgrade

  • Attended Webex with BMC for AIE trouble

  • Worked on getting NEW Test ready to reinstall going from 6 arsystems to 2

  • Continued working on the 7.6 installation and documentation

  • Worked on SMPM install  Probably going to have to have a Standalone Web server with a defined route thru the F5 to get to work.  But still reviewing options.

  • Continued to work on Documentation 


Remedy – Change Management

  • Continued working on Remedy CRQ Master for Remedy Upgrade

  • Followed up on CRQ’s for Ravi

Operation Support Accomplishments:

  • 34.0 hours worked by Team FAA NSC on Operational Support.

  • Working on request to create Task Group workflows to use in conjunction with LCM templates created last week.

  • Reviewed updated Employee Clearance process to make notes of NSC impact.

  • Updated and closed Incident/task tickets.

  • Attended Incident Management Meeting

  • Collected updates from Team FAA NSC on the Tasks and Issues lists

  • Attended Task and Issue Review meeting

  • Reviewed, updated and submitted compiled Weekly Status report for team

  • Cancelled - 7.6 upgrade Meeting


Issues / Concerns:

  • Production P-Synch server has no fail over or backup at this time.

  • “SANDBOX” environment needed to demo and try new variations of the customizations. This would greatly reduce the risk involved.

  • TRN Server issues -

    • ONGOING ISSUE:  The issue of extreme slowness on the TRN server, especially when opening or refreshing the Overview Console is occurring more and more frequently.  This has a significant impact on the trainers’ ability to conduct distance learning training effectively. 

  • Remedy Knowledge Management on both Development and Test Environments displays http 404.

  • Submitted Issue to BMC for a list of Discovery Products Catalog

  • Need to get the BMC Discovery service account approved.

  • RPC Errors for Test Server (Monitoring Issue).

  • Concerned that the new t2remdb is having issues and no one in the Data Services group can figure it out.

  • BMC Issues: 

    • BMC Issue #3581820 – Unable to run Relationships Data Exchanges.

  • Michelle Nayeri has recommended we stop teaching macro functionality as part of the Searches, Reporting & Macros distance learning class immediately.

  • DSG would like TSG in Oklahoma City moved to Remedy at the earliest opportunity and for them to be trained on the use of Incident and Change Management. The lack of TSG participation is causing DSG issues in these areas.

  • No v7.6 server is currently available for testing/documentation with FAA data and customizations.  I am unable to move forward with preparing a UAT and updating documentation.

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