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The Quick ‘n’ Dirty of a BEP Tech

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Human Needs vs. Business Entity Needs

BEP Techs function as mediators between strategic / tactical leadership and operational teams. They spend most of their time with leadership while their partners, operational human performance improvement specialists, spend most of their time with operational teams.

The BEP Tech focuses on obtaining credibility amongst and having an affinity with decision makers, decision influencers, leaders, and certain levels of management. Simultaneously, they advocate for the needs of operational teams that are crying out for assistance, appreciation, or regard.

To be recognized and esteemed as a decision maker or major decision-making influencer, the BEP Tech must be deemed sound, dependable, and valuable, contributing to the business entity’s goals. They should center their focus on gaining trust, respect, and high regard within the decision-making process.

During decision processes, the BEP Tech makes the business’ impact on society, local communities, and not-yet-customers the central focus of every option and decision, especially during occasions like litigation or other formidable widespread or large strategic-level circumstances. Therefore, BEP Techs:

  • possess high emotional intelligence,

  • negotiate the strong personalities and recommendations of decision makers,

  • discern emergencies without preconceived judgments, and

  • maneuver the decision-making process with integrity.

These qualities are important when the BEP Tech responds in crises where strategic decision makers deem human performance improvement a lower priority than business entity performance.

When Would a Business Make Entity Performance Higher Than Human Performance?

Business entity performance improvement results when the business entity successfully reacts to high-risk stimuli, especially emergencies, that currently affect or potentially affect its tactical and strategic reputation and financial status. Providing solutions that assist in saving the business during a high-risk crisis is one of the fastest opportunities for assisting decision makers.

In these business entity crises, operational employees may never hear of these emergencies, since decision makers desire to resolve them before the business’s operations are ever affected. At other times, operational employees may hear of the emergencies, while never knowing what responses the business used to quell the high-risk problem. (In today’s society, operational employees may cause a business entity response, but that scenario will be covered in a future article.)

Also, with business entity performance issues, decision makers prioritize a business’s challenges in terms of how it impacts the business as a complete personified entity as opposed to individual members of the entity. The performance of the business entity is centered on a formal and informal culture that is not necessarily dependent upon the business plan nor any particularly documented data. Instead, business politics is the impetus for business entity performance improvement (Read our LORMAN White Paper here.).

In business entity performance, business politics pressure human performers to unanimously conform to a specific cultural and behavioral benchmark in times of crisis. This standard fosters an environment where the business entity desires to achieve a predetermined and eventual uncontested outcome in a volatile and threatening situation. The BEP Tech understands the importance of a thriving business entity. As an asset, the BEP Tech helps the business entity solve an external entity crisis while not creating an internal operational crisis by ignoring operational needs. Vice versa, the BEP Tech works with operational human performance specialists to help operational teams empathize with the critical entity decisions that strategic and tactical leaders have to make on behalf of the entire business, not just individual units.

Are BEP Techs Ethical?

Yes! This is a requirement. BEP Techs are ethical proponents of serving as a preventive resource prohibiting the business from engaging in unethical forms of business politics.

Quintessential Characteristic of a BEP Tech

Since many decision makers are highly respected executives, leaders, and managers who are focused on business entity performance, then BEP Techs should be at minimum high performing human performance leaders, managers, or influencers who also successfully impact the business entity performance and can survive the business politics that may be included within it.

For more extensive information on a BEP Tech, read our refereed industry journal article.

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