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Training BEP Techs are Your Business’ Secret Service Agents…Better Yet... Your Fire Prevention Guard

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

I have so much love for public safety firefighters. I absolutely adore the work of fire departments. I am a strong supporter of municipal and volunteer fire departments. #GodBlessYou


In our own way, technology training BEP Techs are technology implementation decision makers’ “fire department” advisors. Optimally, you’ll have us as fire PREVENTION guards. An overall well-formed training group is like a firehouse

protecting all personnel stakeholder levels during a technology implementation regardless of stakeholder behavior, status, priority-level, or power. The BEP Tech maneuvers to mediate performance improvement issues in order to create objective results-oriented solutions that benefit the business entity as a whole along with the internal units and employees within.


Training department personnel (whether contractors or employees) are usually integrated into the day-to-day operations of an organization. Because training business entity performance technologists (BEP Techs) are experienced in educating personnel on every level of an organization, they have a critical boots-on-the-ground operational perspective with a flying-in-the-air-eagle's-eye view of problem solving for decision makers.

That's why the phrase "training department" isn't the most accurate to describe the summary of capabilities of training department personnel. The "training department" is really the “business and human performance improvement education and support services department.”

The Under-Dog as a Needed Guard Dog

“Training departments” are usually under-regarded and under-estimated. Optimal training departments contain training personnel who navigate human behavior well. In human behavior, exists human politics. In human politics, exists human needs. Within business needs, you'll often find politics, behavior, and needs as large factors in creating best solutions. Optimal training departments also include training business entity performance technologists (or substitute the latter word with ‘specialists’) who are highly-capable of navigating human and business politics and needs with an objective stance. BEP Techs are savvy enough to discover hidden and unspoken needs too. Because “training departments” are used to being under-regarded, they have a unique ability to see root causes and surface-level causes of problems while other department stakeholders are engaged in heated debates on how an issue should be solved. These under-estimated training personnel quietly function as attentive flies-on-the-wall who are constantly problem-solving with “intel” that they have received (while boots-on-the-ground) from mostly all stakeholder personnel representatives and individuals at differing stages of the training program lifecycle. Whether you notice it or not, training personnel are constantly conducting formal, informal, conspicuous, and inconspicuous assessments. Experienced training personnel can't help it. They are social scientists and "fire fighters" with a preference of preventing "fires" before they appear. These training BEP Techs' constant assessing allows them to preventively gauge with an objective eye what root cause issues and solutions really exists, not subjectively what they perceive them to be or what others claim they are.

These training department experts are like business entity watch dogs with an evidence-based heart to mediate communication and non-empathetic barriers that occur between operational, tactical, and strategic teams during high-risk technology implementations. FUTURE CONSIDERATION: Consider bringing in "training department" BEP Techs during the beginning of the technology implementation transition stage, if you don't permit them to enter the program at the initial strategy/planning phase.

Since the transition stage, should manage the transition of a new/changed technology service and its corresponding service management processes, training BEP Techs have the capability of discovering improvements to strategic initiatives during the transition stage. The BEP Techs' goal is to keep decision makers from succeeding in implementing the WRONG solution or the RIGHT solution at the WRONG time. Wrong solutions eventually face public scrutiny.

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