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What is Business Entity Performance?

BEP Techs specifically focus on business entity performance. According to Sazara R. Johnson, business entity performance improvement results when the business as one whole entity successfully reacts to high-risk stimuli, especially emergencies, that currently or potentially affect its tactical and strategic reputation and financial status.

In business entity performance issues, decision makers prioritize a business' challenge in terms of how it affects the business as a complete personified entity as opposed to individual members of the entity.

(However, do not worry, SaTechRo also has human performance advisors and educators who cater to the needs of your individual teams and team members.)

Your business entity may be concerned with:

  • business politics

  • litigation

  • the media

  • the large effects of audits and investigations

  • community & societal perceptions

  • economic viability

  • industry marketplace competition

  • unions

and more during organizational changes or technology implementations

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