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Sazara R. Johnson Coins "BEP Tech"

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Sazara R. Johnson coined the term "BEP Tech" after 20 years of observations of various businesses, entrepreneurships, team interactions, and vendor interactions.

BEP Tech stands for "business entity performance technologist."

A technologist is anything that or anyone who transfers information from itself to another resource or from one resource to another resource-- very similar to a computer. However, BEP Techs are human.

A BEP Tech is a business entity performance advisor and organizational educator.

During software and hardware technology implementations or major leadership/business process/ and other organizational changes, our BEP Techs:

  • Focus on business entity performance

  • Help you maneuver business politics with integrity

  • Have backgrounds in leadership, management, & senior level work

  • Have backgrounds working with operational teams

  • Are business educators formally trained in knowledge transfer, instructional systems design, technology service management, technology, training, and more

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