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Integrators & Performance Support
Employee Performance Improvement & Tracking Program

Are you concerned about the retention, performance, or adjustment of an employee who is experiencing challenges with new organizational changes? Do you have employees who have filed a justified human resources complaint, experienced a tough time throughout the human resources process or after the human resources case was closed, and still want to remain a contributing employee to your organization?  Are you concerned about losing a high-performing employee to a competitor or another company after a crisis or challenging situation within your business?  Do you have a probationary program for new employees and want to support them during their probationary period, but you don’t have the available personnel or time to consistently follow up with their personal progress? 


As a company, your teams are busy with everyday strategic, tactical, and operational challenges.  As a result, some individual employees may feel neglected, unsupported, or too embarrassed to reach out for internal support.  We supplement and address areas where you do not have the time to address.  We become an extension of you.


Our SaTechRo TRACK program provides employer-to-employee support that integrates with your day-to-day workplace initiatives.  We provide once-a-week or as-needed check-ins with individual employees to:

  • see if they need a listening ear

  • ask about any concerns that they have regarding business changes or occurrences impacting their jobs

  • help them discover ways to increase their job performance and emotional intelligence while navigating challenging situations


Your employee is assigned to one of our support colleagues who track your employee’s progress for a specified amount of time that you designate.  We then work with your business as a liaison and advisor to help address your employee's needs so that you can still meet your team/department/and business' goals.


SaTechRo TRACK’s mission is to help:

  • protect the employee and business’ reputation

  • increase employee retention

  • support the employee’s adjustment to changes or stressful events

  • encourage solutions and employee problem solving

  • boost team performance and

  • increase morale.

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