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We are pleased to present the following business performance improvement workshop sessions that you may choose. We tailor workshops to suit your or your team’s precise needs. If you don’t see a workshop that you desire, we will gladly create one to match your goals if the topic and requirements fit our capabilities.


Ideal for conferences, team-building days, staff development, and private individual sessions, we bring the program to you or provide you with online options.  To schedule options ranging from one-hour brown bag lunch sessions to full-day forums, please email us on the contact form below to learn more about how we can help you achieve your every goal in the realm of business and employee improvement.


Risk Reduction


Description: We take a special approach on this training that also infuses the raw truth and workplace politics behind sexual harassment and assault.  

Team Building


Description: This workplace escape game is similar to the "Problem Solving on-the-Job" workshop except its focus is to improve your team dynamic during challenging and stressful workplace situations.  The topics of the escape game can be a SaTechRo-developed topic that we have created based upon our observations of real life workplace occurrences or the escape game can be tailored to the challenge that your teams are specifically facing. 

Technology Knowledge Transfer


Description: These are usually hands-on workshops, where we meet with leaders, managers, and end users at determined times to gather requirements or test the necessity and fulfillment of requirements that you have given us according to contract specifications.  For example, some of these training requirements workshops happen during the planning stages of the new technology implementation program while others may happen during the enterprise technology prototype development and testing phase.  We pre-determine when workshops occur or request them as needed throughout the technology implementation process. 


Description: These workshops usually do not occur with customer end-users.  Because we have access to a working prototype of the enterprise (or non-enterprise) technology that software and hardware engineers are developing for your implementation program during our step-by-step training and technical document development, we serve as another layer of functional prototype testers for software and hardware development/engineering teams.


Description: These are usually hands-on workshops, where we meet with small customer groups representative of certain end-user types.  This workshop determines the accuracy of the developed curriculum's training steps.  Also, it allows representatives to test any educational technology that we create or utilize such as training websites, simulations, mobile training, and more. 


Description: Dry-runs are workshops that simulate actual final end-user technology training sessions.  Although these are test runs, they are uninterrupted sessions from start to finish of the final end-user technology training. Any changes needed will be discussed at the end of the training dry-run workshop or during specified breaks requesting feedback. 


Description: Continual improvement workshops occur after your business' new, upgraded, or otherwise changed technology is fully operational for a set amount of time.  Continual improvement workshops may be instructor-led refresher workshops in a training facility, self-paced refresher workshops anytime and anywhere allowed by the customer, on-the-job-real-time-hands-on workshops, or user evaluation workshops.

Business Performance Improvement Training


Description: Whether your business is small or large, major:

  • product/service implementations

  • migrations, and

  • upgrades

involve more than just the new, upgraded, or otherwise changed product or service.  They involve risk, change control, strategy, tactics, operations, human emotions, customer service, community perceptions, knowledge transfer, and more.  These factors serve as brewing grounds for crises.  Small crises create brewing grounds for larger crises.  Many businesses are unaware of the secret weapons of problem solving and business "fire fighting" that usually exist "right underneath their noses" or are acquirable. This business performance improvement training workshop is especially designed for mid-level management, leaders, and decision makers to equip them to recognize and utilize major under-regarded assets.  These assets are tools that empower you to prevent or mitigate problems with technology implementations, internal employee tensions, employee unions, negative media coverage, negative customer feedback, business processes, and/or unexpected games of business politics that occur with significant business changes.


Description: This session provides professionals with a real-world opportunity to practice the best ways to problem-solve issues with the added input of a BEP Tech. You will develop a greater understanding of how people of different ranks and business levels can make or break the success of a major business change or implementation.  Furthermore, this working session is to help you find multiple solutions to your current and actual challenges or provide relevant case studies if your current challenges are classified.


Strategic Business Communication Training

THINK ON YOUR FEET! (Interactive Role-Play)

Description: With massive technology inventions, acquisitions, mergers, and competition; businesses must learn to remain viable in the marketplace.  You must be prepared to provide quick and effective solutions when reacting to challenges that demand a quick and urgent response.  Prepare yourself and/or your staff to think quickly and wisely with results-oriented focus through interactive role-play.  You will practice informed responses to imminent challenges when outcomes and consequences suddenly change from one decision to the next.



Description: One of the biggest challenges of implementing a major program, project, business process change, or organizational restructure are consequences of miscommunication and misunderstanding.  In the marketplace where competition, risks, and challenges are great, you and your employees must unite over the company’s mission, vision, purpose, goals, intent, and changes.  However, everyone doesn’t properly interpret them in the same manner.  Just because employees use the certain words does not mean that employees from other ranks and business levels translate and interpret the words the same way. This session is an effort to address the language disconnect and tensions caused by variation in business language usage and how words are interpreted and perceived by various employee ranks. Perhaps, that is why your business is experiencing employee resistance to change. 


The needs that upper management must obtain to accomplish the business’ vision may appear unimportant to operational levels.  The needs that operational levels must acquire to fulfill the business vision may appear trivial to upper management.  As a result, a decrease in employee morale and large resistance to change usually occurs as one group feels taken for granted while the other feels that they may have to force change into existence.  Learn to prevent weakened human performance and morale in the workplace by communicating in a way that all business levels understand.  Leaders, don’t wait for employee unions or widespread internal tensions to pressure you to learn this lesson. Operational employees, don't wait until stress and burnout negatively impact your performance, wellness, and health.


Description: This workshop is for an individual or group of individuals who want to improve their communication in business whether:


  • making a public presentation in front of employees, conference attendees, or the media

  • wanting to persuade your customer to grant you more resources

  • needing to convince stakeholders to buy into a new business product/service/process change and more.

We will share tips and tricks for better public speaking, communication, and thinking quickly “on your feet” to respond to unexpected questions/concerns/ and statements under pressure.




with a

Crisis Prevention





and more...


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