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Our Founder's Story

Sazara's Story
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I currently serve as the President of the International Society of Performance Improvement (Hampton Roads) Board of Directors, the Chief Director of SaTechRo, and consultant to businesses and business professionals.


As a teenager by 19 years old, I started my career teaching at a university as a technology instructor. Later, I moved to another state and became a corporate director for a non-profit technology company-learning to overcome the nervousness of cold calling and talking to Wall Street corporate executive sponsors.


I transitioned into positions of senior (sr.) technology supervisor, sr. instructional specialists, sr. communication specialist, and liaison between executives, board of directors, and the organization's end-users.


As time went by, I found myself observing workplace politics.  Throughout the next decade and holding positions in large enterprise technology implementations, I was shocked by the different levels of business politics that delayed or completely stopped technology implementations of various employers and customers. The biggest impact was to high-risk or high-profile technology implementations.

I observed:


As a technology training professional, I had the chance to meet almost every stakeholder and hear concerns from their most professionally intimate and vulnerable perspectives


Similar to my early career, I began to function as a liaison helping to bridge the miscommunication gaps between various stakeholders and encouraging stressed or overwhelmed professionals to stay their course.  Out of this was birthed the BEP Tech approach.

About SaTechRo

Boots on the Ground, Hands-on Extension of You 


Use Us as a Neutral 3rd Party

Meet SaTechRo
Many Businesses
are Using
Multidisciplinary Training Vendors the Wrong Way


Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary IT trainers have more skills and problem-detection & -solving capabilities than many business stakeholders realize.  To call a business educator solely a "trainer" is to call an apple only a "stem."  The stem is only a small, relevant (but still small) portion of what the whole object is:  an apple with many benefits.


SaTechRo is a holistic business education service management and performance support company composed of interdisciplinary business strategists, problem solvers, and trainers for new and upgraded technology implementations and organizational restructures

Our specialty is finding weaknesses in business performance, communication strategies, team member performance, and interpersonal employee interactions.  Then, we offer solutions and can assist with implementing them. 

We are first and foremost business EDUCATORS well-versed in business and human performance needs.

We specialize in 4 areas:

​​Business Entity Performance

Advising Decision Makers

Leadership & Management Performance

Operational Performance

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